Watchu got, Gupta?
Rahul's got self-aggrandizement up the wazoo!
Reviews for Partition
" seems little less than miraculous that they were able to locate an actor as gifted as Gupta... His portrayal... is so warm and so complete that one longs to see him in another role to find out if what he has created here is indeed nothing but acting."    —Berkeley Daily Planet

"In his spectacular portrayal of Ramanujan, actor Rahul Gupta stakes indisputable claim as the leader of the show."    —The Daily Californian

"...the emotionally open Indian (played with wide-eyed charm by Rahul Gupta)."    —Backstage West

"Rahul Gupta as the warm, funny and loving Ramanujan is flawlessness. It is a wonderful performance by this very talented actor."     —

"Arrow and Gupta are stunning. Their performances can be described as 'perfection.'"    —The Rossmoor News

"Especially interesting are Arrow and Gupta as Hardy and Ramanujan. Both actors create complex, highly individual characters..."    —The Oakland Tribune

"But the two lead roles, with Rahul Gupta as Ramanujan and David Arrow as Hardy, are played with a moving innocence... Gupta bends into the quirky, self-tortured role with good humor and a happy absence of irony."     —SF Weekly

"...Gupta's well-rounded portrayal."    —The San Francisco Chronicle

You can skip this one, though: (I think she saw a different play)
"Gupta aggravates the problem through his failure to infuse the mathematician with enough intensity to make his descent into self-destruction plausible."    —The San Jose Mercury News

Reviews for Amy's View
"and a graceful, almost lyrical, interaction with a besotted young actor (Rahul Gupta)"    —The Oakland Tribune